Alana Crossing Lines YA Novel Secondary character
Alejandra The Other Boy MG Novel Secondary character
Alex Alex as Well MG Novel Main character
Alyx Atlas Double Exposure YA Novel Main character
Amanda Hardy If I Was Your Girl YA Novel Main character
Angel Freakboy YA Novel Main character
Angel Dumott Schunard Rent Musical Main character
Annabel Annabel Novel Main character
Annie Inkwyrm Inkwyrm Podcast Main character
Arden Trochessett Looking For Group YA Novel Main character
Audrey Huang For Today I Am a Boy Novel Main character
Bailey 10,000 Dresses Picture book Main character
Carmen It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia TV Show Minor character
Cassandra Igarashi/


The Wicked + The Divine Comic Secondary character
Clarissa Run, Clarissa, Run YA Novel Main character
Courtney Wrestling Against Myself YA Novel Main character
Crystal Peppers China, IL TV Show Secondary character
Daniela The Adventures of Tulip, Birthday Fairy Picture book
Danny Tozer Nemisis series YA Novels Main character
Davina Transparent TV Show
Denise Bryson Twin Peaks TV Show Minor character
Desiree Dupree American Horror Story: Freak Show TV Show
Ella Ramsey Just Girls series YA Novels Main character
Emily Being Emily YA Novel Main character
Emily Knight A Circus Mirror Day Short story Main character
Grayson Sender Gracefully Grayson MG Novel Main character
Hiroyuki Yoshida Wandering Son Manga,

TV Show

Secondary character
Hope Be Who You Are Picture book Main character
Ida Davis Family Guy TV Show Minor character
Iris On the Edge of Gone YA Novel Main character
James Nevada Novel Main character
Jamie Beast YA Novel Main character
Jayne Farrow Her Name Is James YA Novel Main character
Jess Jess, Chunk, and the Road Trip to Infinity YA Novel Main character
Jo Lumberjanes Comics,

MG Novels

Main character
Jolene Future Perfect YA Novel Secondary character
Katie Piper The Art of Being Normal MG Novel Main character
Kayla When Kayla Was Kyle Picture book
Kay Lloyd Educating Simon YA Novel Secondary character
Lauren Only We Know YA Novel Main character
Lily Jo McGrothers Lily and Dunkin MG Novel Main character
Liv Tyler American Horror Story: Hotel TV Show Main character
Luna O'Neill Luna YA Novel Secondary character
Lup Tacco The Adventure Zone: Balance Podcast Main character
Lyric The Royal Heart Picture book
Makato Ariga Wandering Son Manga,

TV Show

Secondary character
Maria Griffiths Nevada Novel Main character
Marian Stroke Robins in the Night Novel Main character
Melissa Mitchell George MG Novel Main character
Mellie And She Was YA Novel Secondary character
Michelle Mullins Mick and Michelle YA Novel Main character
Molly Milkovich Shameless [US] TV Show Minor character
Ms. Hudson Elementary TV Show
Nomi Marks Sense8 TV Show Main character
Petra West Beauty Queens YA Novel Secondary character
Rachael The Trans-fer Student YA Novel Main character
Robin Smith Becoming Robin YA Novel
Rochelle Fire Fills the Belly Short story Secondary character
Sage Hendricks Almost Perfect YA Novel Secondary character
Sarah The Princess Webcomic Main character
Serena Berg The Adventures of Serena Berg Webseries Main character
Shuichi Nitori Wandering Son Manga,

TV Show

Main character
Sophia Burset Orange is the New Black TV Show Secondary character
Stephie Assigned Male Webcomic Main character
Su The Switch TV Show Main character
Unique Adams Glee TV Show Secondary character
Vivian Miles Away From You YA Novel Secondary character
Whisper Whisper, Loudly! YA Novel Main character
White Rose Mr. Robot TV Show
Zenobia July Zenobia July MG Novel Main character
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